Timely Wish Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Greet Workmates With AnnounceBot

AnnounceBot is your personalized assistant in Microsoft Teams. Use AnnounceBot to welcome new team members and greet them on special occasions.

  • John Smith joined the team

  • AnnounceBot
    Hi folks, please welcome @John Smith  to the team!

  • Anna
    Welcome aboard!

  • Sammy
    Nice to have you here John 🤗

We Are A Team of Technology Experts focused on Workplace Connections

We understand the importance of healthy workplace connections. We’ve built AnnounceBot to help you welcome new teammates and celebrate special occasions with your colleagues.

Why Choose AnnounceBot?

AnnounceBot lets you easily wish your colleagues on their birthdays and work anniversaries. Never miss out on an opportunity to celebrate with your team!

  • 🕺  Helps you send automated and customized welcome messages
    🕺  Makes you remember your colleague’s birthday
    🕺 Reminds you to appreciate service of your colleague on their work anniversary

  • AnnounceBot
    You Can use these commands to interact with me:

    • TeamInfo to setup Birth Date and Joining Date of members
    • Private to setup your one on one direct message
    • Team to setup the message used to introduce new members to a team or channel
    • Test to test the private greeting
    • SendWishReminder to send the birthday wish and reminder
    • Bye to exit the set up process
    • Help if you are not sure of what to do next


Quickly Welcome New Team Members

  • Use command “Team” to introduce new team members to your team or Channel
  • Use command “Private” for customizing one to one direct message to a team member

  • AnnounceBot
    Can I Go ahead and ask all users for their birthday information (date and month only)?


  • AnnounceBot
    Can I Go ahead and ask all users for their joining date?



Never Forget Another Birthday Or Work Anniversary

  • From the automated text, select “Yes” to ask your teammates for their birth date
  • From the automated text, select “Yes” to ask your teammates to enter their joining date

  • AnnounceBot
    Hi John Smith. Welcome to the team! If this is your first time using Microsoft Teams, we recommend reviewing the introductory demo at Microsoft Teams Demo - Teams Basics


Welcome and guide your new team members. Easily.

With a few clicks, setup a smart automated bot to welcome your new team members, introduce them to your team and guide them through their onboarding process


Timely Reminder Birthdays

AnnounceBot send birthday reminder to every member so that you don't miss anyone's birthday.

  • AnnounceBot


Remember Every Colleague's Birthday!

Our AnnounceBot is your Remembrall in the muggle world. Get automated reminders of your colleague’s birthday and receive exciting wishes on your birthday.

  • AnnounceBot


Be The Part Of Work Anniversary Celebrations!

Don’t miss out on a chance to express gratitude towards your colleagues on their special day. Our AnnounceBot will remind you to congratulate your colleagues on their work anniversary


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